Kopit Music

treat your ears

New York City sound recorder, editor, designer and mixer Matt Mazzarella, known better by his stage name Kopit, takes listeners on an exciting, musical, amusement-park ride.

Entering the world of Kopit is an exhilarating experience. Brace yourself and keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. One moment you think you know where you’re heading, but with a seamless twist, his sounds take you off the beaten track. It’s the thrill of what will come that  keeps you listening - there's a new feeling to discover and experience every time you press play. Beneath the flash and the chaos, the experience is a carefully planned and executed musical machine designed to hijack your brain, take you to the depths of despair and to the heights of euphoria.



At an early age, Matt developed an eclectic taste and appreciation for music. Throughout his teenage years he collected a wide range of albums. From metal to bluegrass, classical to classic rock, jazz and electronic, they all served to inspire. It wasn’t long until he dreamed to record and create his own music.

Kopit began as a project and outlet for life. From school and work to start ups and breakdowns, the daily emotion we experience. The music is an orchestrated madness in exploration of sound.

Obsessed with sonic integrity, Kopit’s songs are not just about the musicality, but equally the sounds that were used and created to achieve that. A focus on clarity and presence, it is as if individual sounds transfix your attention and tell you it’s own story outside of the whole. You'll be sure to hear more Kopit.

Try something different, treat your ears.